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    Making the Connection Together

In need of Psychiatry Medication Management services?
New membership enrollment $100 per month/per individual
Upon enrollment with RIMYA services individuals are able to receive
medication management at a monthly basis for $100 per month. 
Individuals are given receipt of payment for claims to be processed and paid by their insurance if applicable.  For more information call 1-800-206-8136

RIMYA provides medication management within Chicago, Illinois
Our Psychiatric supportive goal is to provide a wraparound service for children and adults that are struggling to balance mental health crisis in their lives. 
RIMYA Psychiatry is used for short and long term support.
Holistic approaches are also used as alternative gains in RIMYA Psychiatry. Holistic health pays attention to the individuals physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Special Needs population are welcomed within our agency.

RIMYA provides psychiatric educational support for participants and their families.

RIMYA Psychiatry is based at our Logan Square site:
2815 N. Kimball, Chicago, IL 60618 

For more information on our Psychiatry supportive service please call

Walk-in's are welcomed on Saturday's from 9am-1pm:
Mental Health Assessments and referrals are available upon walk-in hours.  
Developmental Screening available for children ages 0-5.
Mental Health Crisis intervention On-site now available. 
ID's and Medical Insurance card will be requested upon walk in.